First founded as a construction company in 1947 by businessman Chung Ju-yung, Hyundai today is recognized for its cars. Since building its first vehicle in 1976, Hyundai, which also owns fellow Korean badge Kia, has quickly risen to become one of the largest car makers in the world. With a name that literally translates as "modern," the South Korean brand has taken the concept to heart, becoming a global leader in budget-minded, fuel-efficient cars. In the past several years, Hyundai, known for its low-priced automobiles, has even dipped its toes into the luxury car market with a string of stately sedans that look poised to compete with high-end German models. 

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2017 Hyundai Santa Fe

A more spacious and powerful SUV with excellent mileage. 

2017 Hyundai Tucson

An affordable yet luxurious compact SUV. 

2017 Hyundai Sonata

A sporty-looking mid sized sedan.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric

A sporty and eco-friendly mid-size sedan. 

2016 Hyundai Veloster Rally Edition

More than just a fancy coat of paint: A tuned-up, special-edition hatchback.

2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited FWD

A Small but Mighty SUV. A fuel-efficient, compact sport utility vehicle.

2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug-In Hybrid

Sonata in E Sharp. An eco-friendly plug-in family sedan.

2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited

Lots of Hybrid for Not Too Much Bread. Limited edition hybrid sedan.

2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport FWD 2.4

Well-equipped Crossover Makes Family Cars Fun Again. 4-door family crossover.